TCP/IP by Douglas E. Comer

[Originally posted Mar 13, 2012 5:26 AM by Antti Uitto]

Just finished reading a book called “TCP/IP”.

(Original English title: Internetworking with TCP/IP Principles, Protocols and Architectures, Fourth Edition)

Catchy title pretty much tells what the book is about: it aims to give you the basics of how TCP/IP works and what is included.

This certainly is a book to read if you wan to learn about TCP/IP. I would say it is a bit dry read however. At times I found myself thinking that this info is more useful to someone coding software that uses TCP/IP rather than to someone administering networks. However, there was still plenty of useful info for a networker.

This book offers no tips and tricks, it’s all theory.

If you are impatient like me and prefer to learn from examples and configs, then some other material such as those published by Cisco Press may serve you better.

Topics covered

History of the Internet
Internet organizations
LAN and WAN technologies
IP addresses
Internet Protocol and routing
Dynamic routing protocols
Mobile IP
Telnet, Rlogin, FTP, TFTP, SMTP….
Security aspects, Firewalls and IPsec

… and a lot more …

One thing I re-learned from reading this book:
I should not buy tech books translated in my native language (Finnish). The attempts to create Finnish equivalent for some technical terms are at best irritating, but sometimes also confusing. English is the language of technology, computing and Internet and when I read geeky stuff, I will get my books in English from now on.

I am currently reading Carla Schroder’s “Linux Networking Cookbook”. Maybe a word or two about it a bit later.

And “IPv6 theory, protocol and practice” is waiting on the digital bookshelf!

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